Dip Tanks

Hobby/DIY dip tank made from 14 gauge 304 Stainless, made right here in Arvada Colorado. The tank purchase includes the following:
-2 rails that span the 16″ from front to back
-1 day of training at our location
-10 square meters of film *some limitations apply*
-1 qt of Hydro-vator activator 
-5% off all future purchases of film and activator *some limitations apply*

Tank features:
-16″X26″ dipping area with a depth of 15″
-500W heating element 
-temperature controller with thermostat to control when the heat comes on
-preset temperature settings so you don’t have to worry about getting the correct temp
-preset timer so you know exactly when it has soaked long enough to spray the activator
-pump to remove excess film after dipping
-filter to catch all excess film when pump is running 
-powder coated stand to get the tank to a more comfortable height to work at
-valve to easily hook a garden hose to for draining
-13′ 10 gauge power cord to reach almost any GFCI outlet in your garage or shop.


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